#1: Jerry Rice | The Prime 100: NFL's Best Gamers (2010) | #FlashbackFridays


FlashbackFridays | Here is a glance again on the highlights of the good NFL Broad Receiver Jerry Rice. He lands at #1 of the Prime 100: …



  1. Yeah "Greatest of All Time" UNTIL he played the Cowboys in the NFC Title games in 92 & 93. In THOSE games he was Jerry Rice, "NFL receiver". He was not even the BEST PLAYER on the field!. He wasn't in the TOP 3 Best players on the field….watch the two games and reply back with your argument…

  2. Rice has set the bar so high it’s unreachable. Imagine this league is favored for offensive players but the GOAT is untouchable and he played when you could play defense. Amazing.

  3. In my opinion Jerry Rice became great over a period of time he didn't start off great , he came out at a time they're wear a string of lavatory specimens at wide out, Art monk , Herman moore , Sterling Sharpe , Cris carter , Andre Reed , Andre Rison , Micheal Irvin, etc

  4. All these people voting Moss over Rice are the same ones who say Kobe is better than MJ. All these dumb millenials with greater access to information than anyone in the history of the world…and yet are the most ignorant crop of people I've ever seen. No WR holds a candle to Jerry Rice, but so many of you morons don't understand substance because you don't have any. Rice could run deep. But he could also catch slants. He could also catch post patterns and digs and curls and outs and shallow crosses. He was the second best blocking WR of all time behind Hines Ward. And unlike one trick pony Moss…he didn't quit once there was adversity like Moss did THREE different times in his career, including while with the Raiders. Of course you're gonna put Moss ahead…you cretins don't have any understanding of consistency, longevity, and sustained excellence. You just see YouTube videos of Moss catching a bomb here or there. Which totally explains why he did next to nothing in two Super Bowls and Rice dominated in three and won an MVP. As for this stuff about stickum…if you think the rare use of it would put him head and shoulders above every other WR who ever lived statistically (and yet he never got caught with it), then you need to go down and build Trump's wall. From the Mexico side.

  5. Even to this day, and even though most people these days like to forget it, he's still the best player the NFL ever had. No one ever worked harder, achieved more, dominated their position harder, or will be in the NFL record books longer than Jerry Rice.

  6. This guy made completions and scored touchdowns as if everyone else watching him was just relaxing, listening to classical music. I don't think anyone else is ever going to get remotely close to pure art in football like this guy did.

  7. This is the greatest athlete of all time. He was, is a good man. He deserves the adoration of all youth who try to excel at their life's passion, whether in football, baseball, engineering, a business endeavor, in politics in cardiovascular surgery, whatever, Learn his life story. He would not be outworked by anyone. He was highly driven to be the best he could be. He did not fool around with his opportunities. He made the most of them. You want to make a bronze or gold statue of an American human that you want to use as a positive example for our children to follow? Use Jerry Lee Rice from Starkville, Mississippi as your subject. I never rooted for the 49'ers, but I always enjoyed watching Jerry Rice.

  8. Due to the changes in the rules and the nature of the game, many of the players in this top 100 couldn't play today's game. I believe Rice would've excelled in any era and would be even greater in 20-teens and 2020s than he was in '80s and '90s.


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