Successfully Wild Episode 1951: The Pod Heard ’Around the World


Ben Lindbergh and Meg Rowley talk about the Pink Sox signing Rafael Devers to a prolonged extension, the state of the Sox, the following two free-agent lessons, and Carlos Baerga the newsbreaker, then banter about unhealthy information for Charles Leblanc, a Congressional baseball analogy, the Sears/Willis Tower, a painful slide by a broadcaster, the Dodgers’ offseason, and redefining the pitcher win, plus a Previous Blast from 1951.

Audio intro: Greg Camp, “The Armageddon Slide
Audio outro: Bobby Thomson, “Because of You

Link to Baumann on Devers
Link to Dubuque on Devers
Link to Gilligan on Boston’s SP
Link to story about booing Henry
Link to team WAR projections
Link to Baerga’s Devers report
Link to Baerga on Judge/Correa
Link to info on free-agent classes
Link to MLBTR on Leblanc
Link to Marlins WAR leaders
Link to no-hitter analogy
Link to Curtis on baseball analogies
Link to Willis Tower wiki
Link to Manning on SNL
Link to tweet about Vassegh
Link to Vassegh YouTube video
Link to story on Vassegh
Link to grape stomp meme
Link to Ben Clemens on the Dodgers
Link to Russell on wins
Link to EW on baseball uniqueness
Link to 1951 story source
Link to Jacob Pomrenke’s website
Link to Jacob Pomrenke on Twitter

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