Successfully Wild Episode 2003: Return of the Mack


Ben Lindbergh and Meg Rowley banter about extra examples of gamers whose names describe what they do (like Colin Holderman), the return of Justin Verlander, Juan Soto’s overdue scorching streak, Keynan Middleton calling out Carlos Correa, the distinction between Craig Kimbrel’s leverage and outcomes, and the way success lowers the boo threshold, then (16:22) react to excerpts from Ben’s dialog with an MLB exec about guidelines adjustments and strikeouts. After that (37:38), they carry on top-tier Patreon supporter Mack Mashburn to debate his background as a podcaster listener and baseball fan and reply listener emails concerning the pitch clock and suspense, the following step for house run celebrations, narrowing truthful territory at excessive elevations, the aggressive benefit of cloud seeding, whether or not relievers all lengthy to be starters, whether or not Baseball Zen isn’t zen sufficient, MLB Gameday’s current redesign, why lefties are likely to throw slower than righties, the causes of accelerating harm charges, the consequences of improved pitching machines, a wizard who makes gamers shorter each time they get hits or strikeouts, and Aristides Aquino’s DRS, plus a Previous Blast from 2003 (1:58:40) and follow-ups (2:01:56).

Audio intro: Xavier LeBlanc, “Effectively Wild Theme
Audio interstitial: Beatwriter, “Effectively Wild Theme
Audio outro: Justin Peters, “Effectively Wild Theme

Link to Holderman immaculate inning
Link to Wynn headline 1
Link to Wynn headline 2
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Link to Verlander gamer
Link to Middleton comments
Link to low-WPA relievers
Link to high-leverage relievers
Link to Muncy walk-off
Link to Cardinals booing
Link to baseball drag measurements
Link to Sam on the pitch clock
Link to Sheehan on the pitch clock
Link to Emma on HR celebrations
Link to info on NPB HR celebrations
Link to Grant on “beast mode”
Link to Franco’s ball toss
Link to Sam on unwritten rules
Link to foul lines article
Link to more foul lines info
Link to foul lines column
Link to foul lines verdict
Link to Tal’s Hill story
Link to cloud seeding wiki
Link to McClellan EW interview
Link to “failed starters” Stat Blast
Link to Baumann on Fulmer
Link to Baseball Zen videos
Link to Baseball Zen article
Link to Gameday redesign info
Link to Ben on lefty velo
Link to FG on lefty velo
Link to average LHP velo
Link to average RHP velo
Link to Ben on pitching machines
Link to leg-lengthening story
Link to more on leg lengthening
Link to listener emails database
Link to It’s Christmastown
Link to 2022 RF DRS leaders
Link to Aquino catch 1
Link to Aquino catch 2
Link to Aquino catch 3
Link to Aquino catch 4
Link to 2003 Past Blast source
Link to David Lewis’s Twitter
Link to David Lewis’s Substack
Link to Peacock broadcast info
Link to announced attendance article
Link to pitch counts Stat Blast
Link to Turner’s quote
Link to Speier tweet
Link to Zimmer’s velo column
Link to Rickey’s ’51 Williams report
Link to 1886 “velo” use
Link to ESPN on Alabama betting
Link to The Athletic on Alabama betting

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