Successfully Wild Episode 2033: Want-to-Know Bases


Ben Lindbergh and Meg Rowley banter concerning the 2024 regular-season schedule, the baseball relevance of a research about people’ starvation for ineffective info, and the storylines they’re most trying ahead to following over the rest of the season, then (35:58) reply emails a few whole photo voltaic eclipse throughout a Guardians recreation, sliding right into a base lined in filth, why baseball broadcasts don’t do a greater job of displaying baserunners, same-named gamers taking part in the identical place in the identical recreation, defining a “comeback win,” the that means of “retiring x in a row,” why pitchers are nonetheless listed as switch-hitters, a solution to save time with pinch-hitter bulletins, making it authorized for a number of runners to occupy the identical base, and going winless in extra-inning video games, plus a Stat Blast (1:21:36) about managerial ejections, a Future Blast (1:51:20) from 2033, and some follow-ups.

Audio intro: Benny and a Million Shetland Ponies, “Pedantic Effectively Wild Theme
Audio outro: Benny and a Million Shetland Ponies, “Horny Effectively Wild Theme

Link to 2024 schedule
Link to study about pain and info
Link to The Ringer’s MLB storylines
Link to Rosenthal on buyers/sellers
Link to MLBTR on Ohtani
Link to Minasian on Ohtani
Link to Hal Steinbrenner comments
Link to milk cartons wiki
Link to MLBTR on Mozeliak
Link to EW Episode 1354
Link to list of rival-team streaks
Link to Trent on “Billy runs”
Link to Trent on HUaL
Link to Rob Mains on the ALC
Link to Ben on the eclipse game
Link to EW volcano event
Link to EW eclipse episode
Link to Pickles sprinkler video
Link to Pickles lights-out video
Link to electron repulsion article
Link to Mets “ghost runner” clip
Link to The Bear transcript
Link to Jones vs. Jones game
Link to double-Gonzalez game
Link to first “comeback win” episode
Link to Robertson batting in 2022
Link to Stathead on winless extras teams
Link to winless extras starts
Link to EW emails database
Link to Hyde ejection story
Link to Ryan Nelson on Twitter
Link to ejections data
Link to 1998 Leyland article
Link to 2006 Guillen article
Link to other Guillen article
Link to third Guillen article
Link to 2008 La Russa article
Link to 1973 Mathews article
Link to 1974 Berra article
Link to article on longest games
Link to 1982 Lasorda article
Link to other Lasorda article
Link to ejection reasons 1
Link to ejection reasons 2
Link to Garver ejection article
Link to Rick Wilber’s website
Link to Dahlen/Klem article
Link to Jay on Dahlen
Link to Dahlen SABR bio
Link to MLBTR on Bieber
Link to Judge-sighting story

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