Effectively Wild Episode 2157: Sophomore Lumps


Ben Lindbergh and Meg Rowley banter about whether they believe the projections that peg the White Sox as merely a run-of-the-mill terrible team, this season’s sophomore slumps (so far), and more on ballplayer dirt consumption and replay review protocol, then (30:09) answer listener emails about promotion and relegation in professional baseball, the definition of “getaway day,” the value of pitcher fielding, how hard it would be for big leaguers to be bad intentionally, whether pitchers could give away pitch selection on a pickoff throw, and recent MLB rules changes that could or should be rolled back (plus additional discussion of some injury news).

Audio intro: Benny and a Million Shetland Ponies, “Effectively Wild Theme (Pedantic)
Audio outro: Austin Klewan, “Effectively Wild Theme

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