NFL Hilarious Moments of the 2019 Season


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  1. عیسی مسیح فرزند خدای زنده تنها راه نجات و تنها راه بسوی آرامش هست، توبه کنید و عیسی مسیح را بعنوان تنها نجات دهنده خود بپذیرید و زندگی جاوید پیدا کنید.

  2. I had a moment this year at my high school where the refs stopped play because there was a piece of paper on the field that turned out to be a marching drill for the band I asked the ref if I could see it he gave it to me and I laughed knowing it was a drill and would not help the teams in any way possible.

  3. I’m baffled at the patriots Steelers one, 77 who is RIGHT NEXT TO THE CENTER!!!! Sprints right pass the center with a clear view of the QB and is continuing to sprint as the QB who clearly doesn’t have the ball in his hands like I’m really curious to what he his looking at, is it the center, the ball or the QB or is he just running with his eyes closed, like bruh!!! What are you looking at the person with ball is behind you!!!!!!!


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