THE 50 GREATEST BASEBALL PLAYERS OF ALL TIME【MLB】 ▽Gamers checklist▽ Babe Ruth Barry Bonds Ty Cobb Ted Williams …



  1. Al menos Ruth aquí (en esta aparatosa, rara, funesta y subjetiva lista) aparece primero. ¿Christy Mathewson en la 29? ¿Lou Gehrig 8? ¿Jimmie Foxx 17? ¿Walter Johnson 7? 🤔😴👀😴😬😬😬El título debe ser: «Mis favoritos de MLB? ¡Mike Trout 21! 😆Se ve que eres jovencito… No está en el top 40; falta trayectoria y más números porcentuales, y encima de Pujols… Manny Ramírez seguro es el 99… Al Simmons ni se asoma… Paul Waner, Carl Hubbell, Mordecai Brown, Jesse Burkett, Ed Delahanty, Miguel Cabrera, Ernie Banks, Tony Gwynn, Sam Crawford, Lou Brock, Warren Spahn, Mickey Cochrane… 🤯🤯🤯¡Joe DiMaggio 36! Barry Bonds delante de Ted Williams (!) ¡Yisus, help me!

  2. Okay what’s Jeff bagwell, george Brett, and chipper jones doing in this list? Also a few others who shouldn’t be in there and some that should be included like pujols. Not only should he be included, but he should be somewhere in the top 10. The top spot is debatable but I would put bonds before Ruth. They had similar numbers all across the board except for base stealing. Everyone seems to forget that bonds was a great base stealer in his prime. Also, you put tris ahead of Musial? Musial was every bit as good as Gehrig. Okay, here are my top players with number 1 being the best. Sorry, no pitchers included cause they need their own dedicated list:
    1. Barry bonds
    2. Babe Ruth
    3. Ted Williams
    4. Lou Gehrig
    5. Willie mays
    6. Ty Cobb
    7. Stan Musial
    8. Alex Rodriguez
    9. Albert Pujols
    10. Rogers Hornsby
    11. Have to squeeze in Griffey Jr. I wanna give him a higher spot because of his fielding but the stats from the ones in the top 10 are ridiculously good.
    I only included players that hit both, home runs and got plenty of hits. Also included the ones that didn’t strike out 100 times a year. I don’t consider a guy like mark McGuire or Reggie jackson who hit 40-50 home runs a year but struck out 150+times a year to be considered great. I also include Cobb on this list ‘cause he played in the dead ball era so I have to cut him slack.

  3. Too hard on the catchers with not even Bench or Berra. Warren Spahn, Steve Carlton, Carl Hubbell?? You have Cy Young, Ed Walsh, Christy Mathewson, Pete Alexander but no Kid Nichols, Three Finger Brown or Eddie Plank? Johnny Mize but no Hank Greenberg who also lost years and numbers because of WWII? Arky Vaughan, Paul Waner, Paul Molitor (you put Frank Thomas, so not DH adverse), Miguel Cabrera? No love for 19th century guys like Ed Delahanty, Roger Connor, Dan Brouthers, Cap Anson etc? If you rank Cobb, Lajoie, Speaker, Collins so high, Sam Crawford, possibly even Frankie Frisch and Home Run Baker should probably make your list. Jeter, Yount, Banks, Vaughan, Cronin, Larkin, Appling…I'd add 1 or 2 more shortstops. Add 1 or 2 of Biggio, Gehringer, Frisch, Sandberg, J. Robinson, Alomar at second. Not an awful list though.

  4. To have guys like Bagwell, Thomas, Brett, Boggs, Mathews, Schmidt and some others ahead of Griffey Jr. Is a joke. Griffey is top 10-15 who had it all. Elite not only at the plate, but on the bases and in the field. Also to put Trout that high when his career is still ongoing makes no sense.

  5. Wade boggs over Nolan Ryan Bob fellar satchel Paige Jackie Robinson Eddie Murray Tony Gwynn Johnny bench Harmon killebrew sandy Koufax Pete rose Reggie Jackson George Brett Carl yazstremski Derek Jeter ichiro and Mariano Rivera 🤨

  6. Fact 1: Ty Cobb received more Hall of Fame votes than Babe Ruth.
    Fact 2: Ty Cobb set more individual baseball records than any other player.
    Fact 3: Ty Cobb is still in the top 10 in more separate offensive categories than any other player.
    Fact 4; No player has hit over .400 in a season more times than Ty Cobb.
    Fact 5: No player has more batting titles than Ty Cobb.
    Fact 6: No player has a higher career batting average than Ty Cobb.
    Ty Cobb doesn’t take second place to anybody, he was the best there ever was. Fact!

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