High 10 Biggest Baseball Gamers Of All Time


High 10 Biggest Baseball Gamers Of All Time. These gamers are iconic and have made it into historical past by being probably the greatest …



  1. This is actually a pretty darn good list. I can’t disagree with too much. My top 10 is:
    1 – Babe Ruth
    2 – Willie Mays
    3 – Ty Cobb
    4 – Walter Johnson
    5 – Barry Bonds
    6 – Hank Aaron
    7 – Ted Williams
    8 – Josh Gibson
    9 – Lou Gehrig
    10 – Lefty Grove

  2. I'm really ok with this list and your reasoning behind it with one exception. Bonds cheated and does not deserve to even be remembered. Maybe erase him, move the rest up and put Ken Griffey jr or Mike Trout or Big Pappi in at the ten spot…………. nice to see the great Ty Cobb still being given his due respect.

  3. Where is Rogers Hornsby, really this guy's numbers are off the charts, I can think of two guys on this chart who shouldn't even be on the chart, Musial, and Gehrig, and Henry Aaron is and should always be 1 on these lists. And finally, Babe Ruth was just a fat gut with power, who could also hit for average, he is not the greatest baseball player of all time. Aaron, and Bonds are better maybe even Mays. And Ty Cobb should be closer to number 1. I also don't think pitchers should be on the list they should have there own list.

  4. Baseball is an all American sport. There are many lengendary players that made this gave exciting for the audiences, but I believe that Jackie Robinson stands alone as breaking the barrier as being the first African American to be indoctrinated into the professional sport of baseball. Awesome game…Grandma's Angel's

  5. 1st I want to say that this is a very very hard topic and can be argued over and over.
    2nd. R.I.P. HAMMERING HANK!!! You will always be the homerun king in my eyes.
    Reggie Jackson should have been on this list along with a couple others. But I can't really complain at all. Like I said before, this is a very hard list to make.

  6. When you talk about the greatest players ever, I always think of who would be the best if you could magically put them together next to each other in the same league. If you watch Babe Ruth in some videos on here, you can't say he has a great swing. Honestly, would he be able to hit in todays game? They were great in their era, which was such a lower calibre of play as compared to today. Yes, they paved the way for todays game, todays players have better equipment, better nutrition and training, but if you were able to have that magic baseball game, you'd all pick modern day players. I'm not sure I'd buy the fact that if all those other players grew up in this era they'd be better. Some maybe?


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