TOP 25 MLB Best Gamers of All Time GOAT. mlb biggest Baseball gamers of all time.


TOP 25 MLB Best Gamers of All Time GOAT. mlb biggest Baseball gamers of all time. Sources: …



  1. This was actually a pretty solid list. I think Joe Morgan and Rickey Henderson were a bit too high and Walter Johnson too low, but not bad. The player I continue to see get overlooked in most lists is Lefty Grove. He was a nine-time ERA leader, which is most in MLB history. I usually tend to also include Negro League players. My top 10 in order is:
    1 – Babe Ruth
    2 – Willie Mays
    3 – Ty Cobb
    4 – Walter Johnson
    5 – Josh Gibson
    6 – Barry Bonds
    7 – Hank Aaron
    8 – Ted Williams
    9 – Lou Gehrig
    10 – Lefty Grove

  2. How are Randy Johnson and Steve Carlton on but not Pedro? Also, in terms of being dominant compared to compitition at your time, yes, Ruth is the best. In terms of todays game, it’s Bonds.

  3. Connie Mack, John McGraw, Joe McCarthy and Casey Stengel each said Ty Cobb was the best player of all-time. And they definitely have more credibility than this dope who made this list. Ty Cobb also received more Hall of Fame induction votes than Babe Ruth so even the media who saw them play said Cobb was better. Yet this clown who never saw Cobb or Ruth play arrogantly thinks he’s more qualified to make out an All-Time greatest list 9roughly 100 years later0 than people who were eye-witnesses at the time. Nice try putz but no other MLB player before or since set as many different records by the time they retired as did Ty Cobb.

  4. Lou Gehrig was a bench warmer for 2 years playing in 23 games going into the 3rd and only got to play once a player got beaned ! , his first year was a roller over and die type year feeling discouraged sitting on that bench
    His last year shouldn’t even count playing 8 agonizing games
    Therefore he actually only played 14 years !
    Anyway disregard that and go by games played in.
    Take total bases , times on base , stolen bases , sacrifices , extra base hits ,runs batted in and runs scored ,,, add that up and divide it by games ,,, 14615 ,,, now divide by games 2164 =
    6.753. # 1 beating all players making him the goat
    Not good enough , check all offense stats giving a point every time a player is in the top 10 then divide that to see who is the best amongst their peers during that era ( most logical true way to dismiss different era gripe ( truth too ) ) and Lou is the goat
    Took 3 elements with all the stats and Lou is the winner in any era , and talk about rip offs with 2 and a 1/4 years on the bench frustration and abrupt end , Lou would had played in 3000 + strait
    No woulda coulda shoulda excuses none less Lou is the goat
    Try any player with these formulas and next to Lou they fall even thou he was flat footed
    Cobb was ridiculous as Rickey at 279 was superb
    Rickey. 2242
    Cobb. 2033
    Bonds. 1954
    Wagner. 1719.
    Henry. 1717
    Brock. 1714
    Mays. 1664
    Alex. 1606
    Babe. 1579
    Tris 1567
    Raines. 1521
    Morgan. 1502
    Add triples to their extra base hits , Rickey with 2242 extra base hits ! Why not , Ted Williams claimed a walk was equal to a hit than a stolen base is equal to a extra base hit ,,,,,,
    Extra base with triple Ted is at 68th place
    Greasiest producer is Henry with bonds Mays rose babe Alex Cobb Stan tris
    Could not stand Williams attitude,
    Bigger fields back then , no way can there be a 400 hitter today with smaller parks ,,,
    20 extra hits as a 360 hitter with 500 at bats from 180 hits to 200 hits that’s it
    The fielders played deep to prevent the ball being hit over their head allowing 20+ bloops to land in front of them , today they play in 30 feet and are catching those bloops ,,, also there are less triples today , ,
    Gwynn would had had a 375 life time bat then and Ted today would had been a 310 hitter.
    It’s called wisdom , to reason to read between the lines
    But even in the smaller parks batting 310 lou would had been the goat doing the most with the least and leading amongst his peers

  5. You cannot compare baseball players across different eras. Absolutely ridiculous. You have to define eras and then say who are the top players of those eras. Comparing Babe Ruth with more modern players is absurd!

  6. Very difficult to pin down who’s best players with pitchers and hitters at the same time
    Should be a goat for each position played including DH. Why not !
    Ted said walks are like hits , not quite but if so than stolen bases are like extra base hits , , , Top 12 breaking 1500,,
    2242. Henderson
    2033. Cobb
    1954. Bonds
    1719. Wagner
    1717. Henry
    1714. Brock
    1664. Mays
    1606. Alex
    1569. Babe
    1557. Tris
    1521. Raines
    1502. Morgan

  7. I see plenty of comments on Albert Pujols not being on the list. If his career had kept going the way it started in his Cardinals years I can see him making the list. Only Ty Cobb hit for higher average than Hornsby. Albert is a top 5 Cardinal along with Gibson, Hornsby, and Musial but those are the only Cardinals worthy of a top 15 all-time list. I wold say Albert is the number 4 Cardinal all-time. Albert did keep hitting homers for the Angels but his lifetime average came way down and he did not age as well as Hornsby, Musial, and Gibson. My opinion. Cards fan

  8. Here is my all-time MLB Dream Team roster:

    RF – Ruth, Aaron
    CF – Mays, Cobb
    LF – Williams, Bonds
    SS – Wagner, A-Rod
    3B – Schmidt, Matthews
    2B – Hornsby, Morgan
    1B – Gehrig, Thomas
    C – Gibson, Berra
    P – Walter Johnson, Satchel Paige, Lefty Grove, Greg Maddox, Randy Johnson, Christy Mathewson, Roger Clemens, Grover Cleveland Alexander, Warren Spahn

    If had to win one game:

    1 – Cobb (RF)
    2 – Mays (CF)
    3 – Ruth (DH)
    4 – Hornsby (2B)
    5 – Williams (LF)
    6 – Gibson (C)
    7 – Gehrig (1B)
    8 – Schmidt (3B)
    9 – Wagner (SS)
    SP – Walter Johnson


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